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Definition of: cramp

(kramp) noun
1. A frame with one or more screws, in which pieces may be clamped or forced together, as in joinery; a clamp.
2. An adjustable device of wood or metal upon which vamps are stretched in shoe manufacturing.
3. A bench hook.
4. A narrow place in which it is necessary to deflect sharply the wheels of a vehicle in order to turn.
5. A cramp iron (def. 1).

1. To restrain or confine the action of, as with a cramp; hamper; hinder.
2. To make fast; hold tightly, as with a cramp iron.
3. To shape over a cramp, as the upper of a boot.
4. To deflect, as the wheel of a vehicle, to one side in making a turn; also, to jam (a wheel) by turning too short.
—to cramp one's style
Slang To hamper one's customary skill or self-confidence.

1. Narrowed; straitened.
2. Contracted and irregular in form or action; cramped, as handwriting. [<MDu. krampe hook. Related to CRAMP2.]

Definition of: cramp

(kramp) noun
1. An involuntary, sudden, painful muscular contraction, occuring most frequently in the legs and often attacking swimmers; a tonic spasm, caused usually by strain or sudden chill.
2. A paralytic affection of local muscles caused by continued overexertion: writer's cramp.
3. Partial paralysis of the hindquarters, sometimes observed in animals during pregnancy.
4. plural Acute abdominal pains.

1. To affect with cramps. [<OF crampe <LG. Related to CRAMP1.]

Most often used phrases:

william cramp
cramp sons
cramp twins
cramp shipbuilding
cramp s
muscle cramp
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cramp co
leg cramp
scotty cramp
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stomach cramp
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brain cramp
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