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Definition of: far

(fär) adverb
1. At a remote or distant point or place; so as to be a long way off: far distant.
2. To a great distance; so as to reach to a point a long way off; so as to occupy or cover an extent of time or space: How far did Caesar march?
3. To a great degree; by much; very greatly: far wiser than their ancestors.
4. From afar; from a long distance: a far–traveled guest.
—by far
In a great degree; by much.
adjective far·ther or fur·ther, far·thest or fur·thest: see FARTHER.

1. Situated at a great distance in space or time; being a long way off; remote: He went into a far country.
2. Extending widely or at length; reaching a long way.
3. Being the more distant of two: the far end of the garden.
4. Advanced; progressed, as in age. [OE feor]

Most often used phrases:

far north
far back
far south
far west
far greater
far side
far left
it s far
far fewer
far superior
far worse
far removed
far end
far cry
far higher

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Statistical data

"far" has the frequency of use of 0.0181% on en.wikipedia.org.

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