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(fat) adjective fat·ter, fat·test
1. Having much or superfluous flesh; corpulent; obese.
2. Containing much oil, grease, etc.
3. Broad: said of a ship's quarter, of type bodies, etc.
4. Printing Profitable, because containing a large proportion of open space, illustrations, etc.: said of type matter or copy for it: also spelled phat.
5. Stupid; sluggish; dull.
6. Prosperous; thriving; flourishing.
7. Rich in products or in profits; rewarding: fat lands, a fat office.
8. Resinous; as fat wood.
9. Well–filled: a fat larder.
10. Plump, well–nourished, and healthy, as cattle. See synonyms under CORPULENT.

1. Biochem. A gray to white, greasy, easily melted compound contained in certain specialized cells of plants and animals, and forming an important food reserve as well as a source of hormones, vitamins, and other products essential İn metabolism.
2. The richest or most desirable part of anything: the fat of the land.
3. Chem. Any of various compounds of carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen which are glycerol esters of certain acids, as stearic, palmitic, etc.; they include waxes, lipids, and sterols, are insoluble in water, and in the pure state are generally colorless, odorless, and tasteless.
—the fat is in the fire
The mischief is done.
v.t. & v.i. fat·ted, fat·ting
To fatten. [OE fœt]
fat′ness noun

Most often used phrases:

big fat
fat man
fat joe
body fat
fat wreck
fat content
saturated fat
trans fat
fat albert
fat tony
fat cells
fat boy
low fat
fat controller
fat lady

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"fat" has the frequency of use of 0.0018% on en.wikipedia.org.

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