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Definition of: fluorescence

(floomacr′ə·resəns) noun Physics
1. The property of certain substances to absorb radiation of a particular wavelength and to re-emit it as light of a different, usually greater, wavelength; the emitted radiation persists only as long as the stimulus is active: distinguished from phosphorescence.
2. The light so produced. [<FLUOR(SPAR); coined on analogy with OPALESCENCE]

Most often used phrases:

fluorescence microscopy
x ray fluorescence
fluorescence spectroscopy
fluorescence microscope
chlorophyll fluorescence
fluorescence intensity
fluorescence in situ
fluorescence correlation
fluorescence lifetime
laser induced fluorescence
fluorescence emission
fluorescence resonance
fluorescence detection
fluorescence spectrometer
fluorescence imaging

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Statistical data

"fluorescence" has the frequency of use of 0.0002% on en.wikipedia.org.

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