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Definition of: foul

(foul) adjective
1. Offensive or loathsome to the physical, moral, or esthetic sense; filthy.
2. Obstructing, entangling or injuring by anything that clogs or is harmful; contrary; disagreeable.
3. Impeded or encumbered by something detrimental; clogged; entangled; encumbered; a foul chimney, a foul anchor.
4. Not according to justice or rule; unfair.
5. Printing a Full of errors; inaccurate; dirty. b Having the characters badly mixed; said of a type case.
6. Unfavorable; unlucky: a foul wind.
7. Obs. Ugly; homely.
8. In baseball, of or pertaining to a foul ball or foul line.

1. An act of fouling, colliding, or becoming entangled.
2. A breach of rule in various sports and games.
3. In baseball, a foul ball.
adverb In a foul manner.

1. To make foul or dirty; befoul.
2. To clog or choke, as a drain.
3. To entangle; snarl, as a rope in a pulley.
4. Naut. To cover or encumber (a ship's bottom) with barnacles, seaweed, etc.
5. To collide with.
6. To dishonor; disgrace.
7. In sports, to commit a foul against.
8. In baseball, to bat (the ball) outside of the foul lines.

9. To become foul or dirty.
10. To become clogged or encumbered.
11. To become entangled.
12. To collide.
13. In sports, to violate a rule.
14. In baseball: a To bat a foul ball. b To be retired by batting a foul ball which is caught before it strikes the ground: usually with out.
—to foul up
Slang To bungle; make a mess (of).
♦ Homophone: fowl. [OE ful] Synonyms (adj.): defiled, dirty, filthy, gross, impure, indelicate, muddy, nasty, obscene, odious, offensive, soiled, stained, sullied, unclean, vile. See BAD, NOISOME. Antonyms: see synonyms for PURE.

Most often used phrases:

foul language
fall foul
falls foul
personal foul
foul weather
foul pole
fell foul
foul territory
technical foul
falling foul
professional foul
foul trouble
foul odor
flagrant foul
foul smell

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Statistical data

"foul" has the frequency of use of 0.001% on city-data.com forum

"foul" has the frequency of use of 0.0005% on en.wikipedia.org.

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