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Definition of: guise

(gīz) noun
1. The external appearance as produced by garb or costume; outward seeming; mien; aspect; habit; dress.
2. The manner; behavior; also, customary manner; fashion; way.
3. A mask or pretense; cover.
v. guised, guis·ing v.t.

1. Archaic To dress; costume.
2. Brit. Dial. To disguise.

3. Brit. Dial. To go about in disguise or costume. [<OF <Gmc. Akin to WISE2.]

Definition of: Guise

(gēz, gwēz; Fr. gēz, gü·ēz)
A French ducal family; specifically, either François de Lorraine,
1519–63, second Duc de Guise, French commander; or Henri de Lorraine,
1550–88; third Duc de Guise, French commander who instigated the massacre of St. Bartholomew.

Definition of: Guise

A town in northern France.

Most often used phrases:

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original guise

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Statistical data

"guise" has the frequency of use of 0.0003% on city-data.com forum

"guise" has the frequency of use of 0.0004% on en.wikipedia.org.

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