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Definition of: halter

(hôltər) noun
1. A strap or rope, especially one with a headstall at one end, by which to hold a horse or other animal.
2. A hangman's rope; hence, death by the rope.
3. A woman's waist designed for exposing the back and arms to the sun, fastened around the neck and waist.

1. To put a halter on; secure with a halter.
2. To hang (someone). [OE hælftre]

Definition of: halter

(haltər) noun plural hal·te·res (hal·tirēz) Entomol.
One of a pair of small, knobbed, filamentous appendages on each side of the thorax in dipterous insects, replacing the hind wings; a balancer. [<NL <Gk. haltēres jumping weights (as used in the halma)]

Most often used phrases:

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