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Definition of: neck

(nek) noun
1. Anat. a The part of an animal that connects the head with the trunk. b Any similarly constricted portion of an organ or part: the neck of the femur. ♦ Collateral adjective: cervical.
2. The narrowed part of an object, particularly if near one end.
3. Something likened to a neck, from its position, shape, etc.
4. The narrow part of a bottle.
5. A narrow passage of water connecting two larger bodies.
6. A peninsula, isthmus, or cape.
7. That part of a garment which is close to the neck.
8. That part of a stringed musical instrument of the banjo class between the head and the body, and bearing the frets, if any.
9. Archit. The upper part of the shaft of a column, immediately below the capital.
10. The diminished part of a shaft, axle, etc., where it rests in a bearing.

1. U.S. Slang To make love by kissing and caressing.

2. U. S. Slang To make love to (someone) in such a manner.
3. To behead or strangle, as a chicken. [OE hnecca]

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