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Definition of: joseph

(jōzef) noun
A long coat formerly worn by men; also, a similar garment formerly worn as a riding habit by women. [In allusion to the coat of Joseph (Gen. xxxvii 3)]

Definition of: Joseph

(jōzəf, Fr. zhō·zef; Ger.zef)
A masculine personal name. Also Lat. Jo·se·phus (jō·sēfəs), Pg., Sp. Jo·sé (Pg. zhoomacr·ze, Sp. hō·sā). [<Hebrew, addition]

Hebrew patriarch; son of Jacob and Rachel: sold into slavery in Egypt by his brothers. Gen. xxx 24–5.

Husband of Mary, the mother of Jesus. Matt. i l8.
—Joseph II,

1741–90; Holy Roman Emperor 1765–90.
—Joseph of Arimathea

A wealthy Israelite who believed in Christ and provided a tomb for his burial. Compare GRAIL.

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"joseph" has the frequency of use of 0.0103% on en.wikipedia.org.

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