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Definition of: holy

(hōlē) adjective ·li·er, ·li·est
1. Devoted to religious or sacred use; consecrated; hallowed.
2. Of highest spiritual purity; saintly: a holy martyr.
3. Befitting a saintly character; devout: holy fear.
4. Of divine nature or origin.
5. Worthy of veneration because associated with something divine.
noun plural ho·lies A holy thing or quality.
[OE hālig] Synonyms (adj.): blessed, consecrated, devoted, devout, divine, hallowed, sacred, saintly. Sacred is applied to that which is to be regarded as inviolable on any account, and so is not restricted to divine things; therefore in its lower applications it is less than holy. That which is sacred may be made so by institution, decree, or association; that which is holy is so by its own nature, possessing intrinsic moral purity, and, in the highest sense, absolute moral perfection. God is holy; his commands are sacred. Holy may be applied also to that which is hallowed; as, “the place whereon thou standest is holy ground,” Ex. iii 5. In such use holy is more than sacred, as if the very qualities of a spiritual or divine presence were imparted to the place or object. Divine has been used with great looseness, denoting goodness or power in eloquence, music, etc., but the tendency is to restrict its use to attributes of the Divine Being. See PERFECT, PURE. Antonyms: abominable, common, cursed, impure, polluted, secular, unconsecrated, unhallowed, unholy, unsanctified, wicked, worldly.

Most often used phrases:

holy roman
holy roman empire
holy trinity
holy cross
holy family
holy sepulchre
holy war
holy places
holy place
holy man
holy rosary
holy scriptures
holy scripture
holy bible
holy book

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