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Definition of: journey

(jûrnē) noun
1. Passage from one place to another, especially by land: sometimes applied figuratively to the passage through life.
2. The distance traversed, or traversable, in a specified time: a week's journey away.
3. In glassmaking, the round of work or the time taken in making raw material into glass.
v.i. To travel; go on a journey.
[<OF journee a day's travel <L diurnum, orig. neut. sing, of diurnus daily <dies a day]
Synonyms (noun): excursion, expedition, pilgrimage, tour, transit, travel, trip, voyage. A journey is a direct going from a starting point to a destination, ordinarily over a considerable distance; we speak of a day's journey, or the journey of life. Travel is a passing from place to place, not necessarily in a direct line or with a fixed destination. A voyage, which was formerly a journey of any kind, is now a going to a considerable distance by water, especially by sea. A trip is a short and direct journey. A tour is a journey that returns to the starting point, generally over a considerable distance; as, a bridal tour, or business tour. An excursion is a brief tour or journey taken for pleasure, often by many persons at once; as, an excursion to West Point. Passage is a general word for a journey by any conveyance, especially by water; as, rough passage across the Atlantic. Transit, literally the act of passing over or through, is used specifically of the conveyance of passengers or merchandise; rapid transit is demanded for surburban residents or perishable goods. Pilgrimage, once always of a sacred character, retains in derived uses something of that sense; as, a pilgrimage to Monticello.

Most often used phrases:

return journey
long journey
journey time
journey back
journey home
journey times
spiritual journey
day s journey
train journey
musical journey
journey takes
first journey
personal journey
sentimental journey
average journey

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