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Definition of: lag

(lag) v.i. lagged, lag·ging
1. To move slowly; stay or fall behind; loiter.
2. In billiards, to shoot one's cue ball to the end rail so that it will rebound to the head rail, the player whose ball stops nearest the end rail winning first place in the order of play.
3. In marbles, to throw one's taw as near as possible to a line on the ground in order to decide the order of play. See synonyms under LINGER.

1. Retardation of movement for any cause.
2. The retardation of magnetization in respect of a magnetizing force.
3. In billiards and marbles, an act of lagging. [? Var. of LACK]

Definition of: lag

(lag) noun
1. A stave of a barrel, cask, drum, etc.
2. A piece forming part of a lagging.
v.t. lagged, lag·ging
To provide or cover with lags or lagging.
[Prob. <ON lögg rim of a barrel]

Definition of: lag

(lag) v.t. lagged, lag·ging Slang
1. To arrest.
2. To send to penal servitude.
noun Slang

1. A convict.
2. A period of penal servitude. [Prob. <LEG, with ref. to fetters]

Most often used phrases:

time lag
lag time
server lag
lag ba omer
turbo lag
replication lag
christ lag
lag baomer
grey lag
shutter lag
phase lag
input lag
database lag
seasonal lag
display lag

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Statistical data

"lag" has the frequency of use of 0.0003% on city-data.com forum

"lag" has the frequency of use of 0.0002% on en.wikipedia.org.

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