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Definition of: drum

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(drum) noun
1. A hollow cylinder of wood or metal, with skin or vellum stretched upon ringlike frames fitted over each end, kept taut with hoops and cords, and played by beating the head or the heads with drumsticks; also, the sound produced by beating this instrument.
2. The body of a banjo, tambourine, etc.
3. Anat. The tympanum, or middle ear.
4. A drummer.
5. Anything resembling a drum in shape, as a cylindrical receptacle for oil, fruit, fish, etc.
6. The drumfish.
7. Any mechanical construction or device shaped like a drum.
8. Obs. A social gathering; formerly, a crowded and noisy fashionable card party at a private house.
v. drummed, drum·ming v.t.

1. To perform on or as on a drum.
2. To expel in disgrace: usually with out.
3. To summon by beating a drum.
4. To force into the mind or upon the attention by constant repetition.

5. To beat a drum.
6. To beat on anything continuously or rhythmically.
7. To make a loud, beating noise: said especially of the wings of certain birds, as partridge or grouse.
—to drum up
To seek or solicit: to drum up trade.
[Prob. <MDu. tromme]

Definition of: drum

(drum) noun
1. Scot. & Irish A hill or elevation.
2. A drumlin.

Most often used phrases:

drum machine
drum programming
drum kit
drum corps
drum machines
drum set
drum solo
drum bass
drum beat
drum tracks
fort drum
drum beats
flower drum
drum song
drum kits

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