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Definition of: lot

(lot) noun
1. Anything, as a die or piece of paper, used in determining something by chance; also, the fact or process of deciding something in such manner.
2. The share that comes to one as the result of drawing lots.
3. The part in life that comes to one without his planning; chance; fate.
4. A collection or parcel of things separated from others: The auctioneer sold the goods in ten lots.
5. A parcel or quantity of land, as surveyed and apportioned for sale or other special purpose: a city lot, a wood lot.
6. Colloq. A kind of person: He is a bad lot.
7. Often plural Colloq. A great quantity or amount; a number of things, collectively: a lot of money, lots of trouble. Lot or lots is construed as a singular if attributed to a singular word, plural if to a plural word: A lot of money was hidden, but, A lot of diamonds were hidden.
8. A proportion of taxes allotted to one.
9. A motion–picture studio and the space it uses. See synonyms under FLOCK.
adverb Very much: a lot worse.

v. lot·ted, lot·ting v.t.

1. To divide, as land, into lots.
2. To apportion by lots; allot.

3. To cast lots. [OE hlot]

Definition of: Lot

A nephew of Abraham, who with his wife and daughters escaped the destruction of Sodom. His wife, disobeying a warning, looked back at the city and became a pillar of salt. Gen. xi 27, xix.

Definition of: Lot

A river in south central France, flowing 300 miles west from the Cévennes to the Garonne: ancient Oltis.

Most often used phrases:

parking lot
awful lot
lot easier
lot longer
vacant lot
lot department
lot harder
lot worse
temple lot
lot polish
lot faster
ride lot
car lot
empty lot
section lot

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