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Definition of: flock

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(flok) noun
1. A company or collection of animals, as sheep, goats, or birds.
2. The persons belonging to a congregation, church, parish, or diocese.
3. An unorganized company of persons; a crowd.
v.i. To assemble or go in flocks, crowds, etc.; congregate.
[OE flocc] Synonyms (noun): bevy, brood, company, covey, drove, gam, group, hatch, herd, litter, lot, pack, set, swarm. Group is the general word for any gathering of a small number of objects, whether of persons, animals, or inanimate things. The individuals in a brood or litter are related to each other; those in the other groups may not be. Brood is used chiefly of fowls and birds, litter of certain quadrupeds which bring forth many young at a birth; we speak of a brood of chickens, a litter of puppies. Bevy is used of birds, and figuratively of any bright and lively group of women or children, but rarely of men. Flock is applied to birds and to some of the smaller animals; herd is confined to the larger animals; we speak of a bevy of quail, a covey of partridges, a flock of blackbirds, or a flock of sheep, a gam of whales, a herd of cattle, horses, buffaloes, or elephants, a pack of wolves, a pack of hounds, a swarm of bees. A collection of animals driven or gathered for driving is called a drove.

Definition of: flock

(flok) noun
1. Finely ground wool, felt or vegetable fiber; wool dust.
2. A tuft of wool, or the like.
3. Short refuse wool, used as stuffing and in upholstery.
4. A tufted or flakelike mass, especially if produced by precipitation: also spelled floc.
v.t. To cover or fill with flock, as a cushion.
[Prob. <OF floc <L floccus lock of wool]

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"flock" has the frequency of use of 0.0003% on en.wikipedia.org.

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