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(nātiv) adjective
1. Born or produced in a region or country in which one lives; indigenous: opposed to foreign, exotic.
2. Of or pertaining to one's birth or to its place or circumstances.
3. Natural rather than acquired; inborn; inherited.
4. Of or pertaining to natives; conferred by or peculiar to natives: usually applied to non-European peoples.
5. Natural to any one or any thing.
6. Plain, simple, unaffected, unadorned; untouched by art.
7. Occurring in nature in a pure state: native copper.
8. Obs. Related to birth; near; closely connected.

1. One born in, or any product of, a given country or place; an aborigine.
2. Livestock common to a country or region.
3. In astrology, one born under a star or its aspect. [<F natif <L nativus <nasci be born. Doublet of NAIVE.]
Synonyms (adj.): indigenous, innate, natal, natural, original. Native denotes that which belongs to one by birth; natal that which pertains to the event of birth; natural denotes that which rests upon inherent qualities of character or being. We speak of one's native country, or of his natal day; of natural ability, native genius. See INHERENT, NATURAL, PRIMEVAL, RADICAL. Antonyms: acquired, alien, artificial, assumed, foreign.

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