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Definition of: ostentation

(os′tən·tāshən) noun
1. The act of making elaborate or pretentious display to attract attention or elicit admiration or wonder.
2. Archaic Public display. [<OF ostentacion <L ostentatio, -onis <ostentatus, pp. of ostentare, freq. of ostendere show] Synonyms: boast, boasting, display, flourish, pageant, pageantry, parade, pomp, pomposity, pompousness, show, vaunt, vaunting. Ostentation is an ambitious showing forth of whatever is thought adapted to win admiration or praise; ostentation may be without words; as, the ostentation of wealth in luxuriously equipped cars; when in words, ostentation is rather in manner than in direct statement; as, the ostentation of learning. Boasting is in direct statement, and is louder and more vulgar than ostentation. There may be great display or show with little substance; ostentation suggests something substantial to be shown. Pomp is some material demonstration of wealth and power, as in grand and stately ceremonial, etc., considered as worthy of the person or occasion in whose behalf it is manifested; pomp is the noble side of that which as ostentation is considered arrogant and vain. Pageant and pageantry are inferior to pomp, denoting spectacular display designed to impress the public mind. See PRIDE. Antonyms: diffidence, modesty, quietness, reserve, retirement, shrinking, timidity.

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