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(an·tēk) adjective
1. Of, pertaining to, or having come down from ancient times.
2. In the style of ancient times.
3. Old; old-fashioned.
4. Pertaining or belonging to ancient Greece or Rome.
1. The style of ancient art, or a specimen of it.
2. Any ancient object, as a piece of furniture, glass, etc.
3. A Roman-faced type with all the lines of nearly the same thickness.
v.t. an·tiqued, an·ti·quing To make seemingly old; give the appearance of antiquity to.
[<F <L antiquus ancient <ante before. Doublet of ANTIC.]
Synonyms (adj.): ancient, antiquated, old-fashioned, quaint, superannuated. Antique refers to an ancient, antiquated to a discarded style. The antique is that which is either ancient in fact or ancient in style. The antiquated is not so much out of date as out of vogue. Old-fashioned may be used approvingly or contemptuously. In the latter case it becomes a synonym for antiquated; in the good sense it approaches the meaning of antique, but indicates less duration. Quaint combines the idea of age with a pleasing oddity. The antiquated person is out of style and out of sympathy with the present generation by reason of age; the superannuated person is incapacitated for present activities by reason of age. Compare ANCIENT, OLD. Antonyms: fashionable, fresh, modern, modish, new, recent, stylish.

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