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Definition of: arraign

(ə·rān) v.t.
1. Law To call into court and cause to answer to an indictment.
2. To call upon for an answer; accuse.
noun Accusation; indictment.
[<AF arainer, OF araisnier <LL arrationare call to account <L ad- to + ratio reason]
Synonyms (verb): accuse, censure, charge, cite, impeach, indict, summon. One may charge another with any fault, great or trifling, privately or publicly, formally or informally. Accuse suggests more of the formal and criminal. Indict and arraign apply strictly to judicial proceedings; an alleged criminal is indicted by the grand jury and arraigned before the court. Censure carries the idea of fault but not of crime; it may be private and individual, or public and official. A judge, a president, or other officer of high rank may be impeached before the appropriate tribunal for high crimes; the veracity of a witness may be impeached by damaging evidence. One is arraigned at the bar, before the tribunal, of or for a crime, on or upon an indictment. Antonyms: acquit, condone, discharge, excuse, exonerate, forgive, overlook, pardon, release.

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