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Definition of: bunt

(bunt) v.t. & v.i.
1. To strike or push as with horns; butt.
2. In baseball, to bat (the ball) lightly to the infield, without swinging the bat.

1. A push or shove; a butt.
2. In baseball, a short hit to the infield, made by allowing a pitched ball to bounce off a loosely held bat. [Nasalized var. of BUTT1]

Definition of: bunt

(bunt) noun
1. Naut. The middle or bellying portion of a square sail.
2. The middle, sagging part of a fishnet.
3. Naut. The middle part of a yard.
v.t. Naut. To haul up the middle part of (a square sail) in furling.
v.i. To swell out; belly.
[Origin unknown]

Definition of: bunt

(bunt) noun
1. A parasitic fungus (Tilletia foetens), a species of smut, which destroys the grains of wheat by converting the interior into a fetid black powder.
2. The disease caused by it: also called stinking smut. [Origin unknown]

Most often used phrases:

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bunt single
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common bunt
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bunt family

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"bunt" has the frequency of use of 0.0001% on en.wikipedia.org.

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