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Definition of: file

(fīl) noun
1. Any device, as a pointed wire, to keep papers in order for reference; also, a cabinet, drawer, or the like, in which papers are filed.
2. A collection of papers or documents arranged systematically for reference.
3. Any orderly succession or line of men or things; especially a line or row of men standing or marching one behind another: distinguished from rank; a small detachment; corporal's guard.
4. Place or standing on a list for advancement, as in the army.
5. A roll; list.
6. A vertical row of squares running directly across a chessboard from one player to the other.
—single file
An arrangement of persons or things one behind another in a single line: also Indian file.
v. filed, fil·ing v.t.

1. To put on file in systematic order, as papers for reference.

2. To march in file, as soldiers.
3. To make an application, as for a job. [Fusion of F fil thread and file a row, both ult. <L filum a thread]

Definition of: file

(fīl) noun
1. A hard steel abrading or smoothing instrument with ridged cutting surfaces.
2. Figuratively, anything used to abrade, smooth, or polish.
3. Brit. Slang A shrewd or artful person.
v.t. filed, fil·ing

1. To cut, smooth, or sharpen with a file.
2. To remove with a file: with away or off: to file away rust. [OE fil]

Definition of: file

(fīl) v.t. Archaic
To defile; sully. [OE -fӯlan, found in befӯlan befoul]

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