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Definition of: fillet

(fil·lit, usually for defs. 2 and 3 filā) noun
1. A narrow band or ribbon for binding the hair.
2. A strip of lean meat.
3. A flat slice of fish without the bone.
4. A thin band, strip, or engraved line.
5. Archit. a A small band or molding, usually rectangular, narrow, and flat, used to separate or ornament larger moldings or members. b The narrow ridge or strip between the flutes of a column or filling any similar function; a facet. c A strip or molding fastened to a wall or the like.
6. Physiol. An important nerve tract by which sensory impressions are conveyed to the higher cerebral centers.
7. Her. A diminutive ordinary occupying the lower fourth part of the chief.
8. The loins of a horse.
9. Fairing1 (def. 1).

1. To bind or adorn with a fillet or band.
2. (also filā, fi·lā) To slice into fillets; cook as a fillet. [<F filet, dim. of fil a thread <L filum]

Most often used phrases:

fish fillet
hake fillet
fillet - hake fillet
chicken fillet
salmon fillet
fin fillet
fillet weld
fillet curve
fillet saltire
small fillet
fillet knife
fillet cross
fillet sandwich
beef fillet
ray fillet

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