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Definition of: fair

(fâr) adjective
1. Free from clouds; not obscure; sunshiny; clear. Compare def. 13.
2. Open; distinct.
3. Free from spot or blemish.
4. Showing no partiality, prejudice, or favoritism; hence, just, upright; honest.
5. Having light or clear color or hue; not dark or sallow: fair hair or complexion.
6. Pleasing to the eye or the mind; comely; beautiful.
7. Nearly or fully up to the average; moderately satisfactory or excellent; passably good or large: a fair crop.
8. Easily legible; well–formed and distinct: a fair print; a fair handwriting.
9. Apparently good and plausible, but not sincere: fair promises.
10. Accurately trimmed; even; regular; flowing: said of timbers, lines, or the like.
11. In games and sports, according to rule: a fair tackle, fair walking.
12. In a favorable direction:.fair wind.
13. Meteorol. Having the sky cloudless to half covered with clouds; no aspect of rain, snow, or hail; fine; bright; sunny.
14. Properly open to attack: He is fair game. See synonyms under BEAUTIFUL, CANDID, GOOD, HONEST, JUST1, PURE, RIGHT.

1. In a spirit of justice and reason: fairly, justly; honestly: deal fair with me.
2. In clear view; distinctly: fair in sight.
3. Favorably; fortunately; happily; to bid fair.
4. Politely; kindly; plausibly: to speak fair.
5. Obs. Deliberately; quietly.
v.t. To make smooth, as timbers.
v.i. Dial. To become fair or clear: said of weather.

1. A fair one; sweet heart.
2. Women: with the: also the fair sex.
3. Obs. Good fortune; good luck.
4. Obs. Beauty.
—for fair
For sure. ♦ Homophone: fare.
[OE fæger]

Definition of: fair

(fâr) noun
1. An exhibit and sale of fancy-work, etc., for the especial benefit of some object.
2. An occasional or periodical exhibit of agricultural products, manufactures, or other articles of value or interest: a county fair, an industrial fair.
3. A stated or regular market; a gathering of buyers and sellers. ♦ Homophone: fare. [<OF feire <L feria a holiday]

Most often used phrases:

fair amount
state fair
fair trade
fair bit
fair number
claim fair
bytes fair
county fair
fair share
book fair
it s fair
art fair
fair lady
new fair
fair trial

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"fair" has the frequency of use of 0.0187% on city-data.com forum

"fair" has the frequency of use of 0.0158% on en.wikipedia.org.

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