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Definition of: Florence

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(flôrəns, flor-)
A city on the Arno in central Italy: Italian Firenze. Ancient Flo·ren·ti·a (flō·renshē·ə).

Definition of: Florence

(flôrəns, flor-; Fr. flô·rändots)
A feminine personal name. Also Dan., Ger., Sw. Flo·renz (flô·rents), Du. Flo·ren·ti·a (flô·rentsē·ä), Sp. Flo·ren·cia (flō·renthyä). [<L, blooming]

Florence flask
1. A round or pear-shaped bottle of thin glass in which liquids are heated.
2. A straw-covered glass flask in which olive oil or wine is imported from Italy.

flor·en·tine (flôrən·tēn, -tīn, flor-) noun
A stout and durable kind of silk dress goods.

Flor·en·tine (flôrən·tēn, -tīn, flor-) adjective
Of or pertaining to the city of Florence, Italy.
noun An inhabitant or native of Florence.

Flo·res (flōres)
1. One of the Lesser Sunda Islands, east of Sumbawa; 6,000 square miles.
2. (flōrish) An island in the western Azores; 57 square miles.

flo·res·cence (flô·resəns, flō-) noun Bot.
1. The state of being in blossom.
2. Inflorescence. For illustrations see INFLORESCENCE. [<NL florescentia <L florescere, inceptive of florere bloom]

Flo·res Sea (flōres)
A part of the Indian Ocean between Sulawesi and the Lesser Sunda Islands.

flo·ret (flôrit, flōrit) noun
1. A little flower.
2. Bot. One of the small individual flowers that make up a cluster or head, as in sunflowers, dandelions, etc., of the composite family.
3. A silk yarn or floss. [<OF florete, dim. of flor a flower <L flos, floris]

Flo·rey (flôrē, flōrē), Sir Howard Walter,
1898–1968, British pathologist born in Australia.

Florey unit
The Oxford unit.

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"Florence" has the frequency of use of 0.0019% on en.wikipedia.org.

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