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Definition of: flyer


fly-fish (flīfish′) v.i.
To fish with artificial flies as bait.
ing noun

fly·flap·per (flīflap′ər) noun
A device for whisking flies.

fly·frame (flīfrām′) noun
Any of several machines used to draw and twist textile fibers preparatory to spinning, as a roving frame.

fly-front (flīfrunt) adjective
Having a fly that covers buttons or a zipper.

fly·ing (flīing) adjective
1. Intended or adapted for swift or easy motion, or motion through the air; moving with or as with wings.
2. Moving rapidly or continuously; hurried: a flying bird or trip.
3. Floating or suspended so as to float in the air: a flying banner.
4. Extending or being beyond the ordinary; extra: a flying jib.

1. The act of flight; flight, as of a bird or an aircraft.
2. plural Loose material, as fibers, floating in the air.
—instrument flying
Navigation of an aircraft by means of instruments alone:
also called blind flying.

flying boat
A large seaplane, supported on water by its own hull rather than by floats.

flying bomb
See under BOMB.

flying buttress Archit.
A rampant arch extending from a wall or pier to a supporting abutment, usually receiving the thrust of another arch on the other side of the wall.

flying cadet
An aviation cadet.

Most often used phrases:

frequent flyer
new flyer
wright flyer
flyer program
american flyer
arcade flyer
singapore flyer
memphis flyer
flyer industries
high flyer
delta flyer
flyer programs
promotional flyer
moscow flyer
western flyer

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"flyer" has the frequency of use of 0.0005% on city-data.com forum

"flyer" has the frequency of use of 0.0003% on en.wikipedia.org.

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