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Definition of: Frederick

(fredər·ik, -rik)
1. A masculine personal name.
2. Name of many European monarchs. Also Fred′er·ic, Fr. Fré·dé·ric (frā·dā·rēk), Dan. Fre·der·ik (frethə·rēk), Du. Fre·de·rik (frā′dā·rēk). See also FEDERICO, FRIEDRICH. [<Gmc., peaceful ruler]
—Frederick I,

1121–90, Holy Roman Emperor 1152–90; known as Barbarossa (Redbeard).
—Frederick I,

1657–1713, elector of Brandenburg 1688–1701; first king of Prussia 1701–13.
—Frederick II,

1194–1250, Holy Roman Emperor 1215–50.
—Frederick II,

1712–86, king of Prussia 1740–86: known as Frederick the Great.
—Frederick III,

1415–93, Holy Roman Emperor 1440–93; king of Germany as Frederick IV.
—Frederick William,

1620–88, elector of Brandenburg 1640–88; secured Prussian independence: called “the Great Elector.”
—Frederick William I,

1688–1740, king of Prussia 1713–40; succeeded Frederick I.
—Frederick William II,

1744–97, king of Prussia 1786–97; succeeded Frederick II.
—Frederick William III,

1770–1840, king of Prussia 1797–1840.
—Frederick William IV,

1795–1861, king of Prussia 1840–61.

Most often used phrases:

Frederick william
john Frederick
king Frederick
sir Frederick
Frederick douglass
george Frederick
Frederick iii
Frederick henry
dyer Frederick
charles Frederick
Frederick law
Frederick c
william Frederick
prince Frederick
Frederick engels

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