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Definition of: all

(ôl) adjective
1. The entire substance or extent of: all Europe; all wisdom.
2. The entire number of; the individual components of, without exception: to be known to all men.
3. The greatest possible: in all haste.
4. Any whatever: beyond all doubt.
5. Every: used in phrases with manner, sorts, and kinds: all manner of men.
6. Nothing except: He was all skin and bones. See synonyms under EVERY.
1. Everything that one has; entire interest or possession: to give one's all.
2 Whole being; totality.

1. Everyone: All are condemned.
2. Each one: When he questioned his students, all were ready with an answer.
3. Everything: All is in readiness.
4. Every part, as of a whole: All of it is gone. ♦ Homophone; awl. [OE]
Primarily; of the first importance.
—after all

1. On the other hand.
2. In the long run; in spite of everything.
—all in all
All things considered; taken as a whole.
—at all

1. In any way: I can't come at all.
2. To any degree or extent; no luck at all.
—for all
To the degree that: For all I care, you can go without me.
—for all of (me,
you, him, her, or us)
As for: You can leave now, for all of me.
—in all
Including everything; all told.
—onceand for all
Once and no more; finally.
1. Wholly; entirely: fallen all to bits; runningall the way; traveling all through the night.
2. Exclusively; only: That portion is all three all.
—all along
All the time: I knew it all along.
—all but

1. Almost; on the verge of: I was all but exhausted by my trip.
2. Every one except: He took all but six.
—all in
Colloq. Wearied, as from exertion.
—all of
No less than; quite: It's all of ten miles.
—all out
Making every effort: They went all out for victory.
—all over

1. Finished; past and gone: The love affair is all over between us.
2. Everywhere; in all parts: He's been all over.
3. Typically; in every way: That's George all over.
—all the (better, more,
So much the (better, more, etc.)
—all up with
Colloq. Ended; without power to continue: It's all up with him.

Most often used phrases:

all households
all additions
displayed all
all time
delete all
all songs
all times
all articles
all things
it s all
all members
all tracks
all kinds
all people
all sorts

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"all" has the frequency of use of 0.1599% on en.wikipedia.org.

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