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Definition of: fluorine

(floomacrə·rēn, -rin) noun
A pale yellow, toxic, corrosive gaseous element (symbol F, atomic number 9), the most electronegative and reactive of all elements. See PERIODIC TABLE.

flu·o·rite (floomacrə·rīt) noun
A cleavable, isometric, variously colored calcium fluoride, CaF2: used as a flux in making steel and glass: also called fluor, fluorspar.

fluoro- combining form
1. Chem. Indicating the presence of fluorine in a compound.
2. Fluorescence: fluoroscope: also, before vowels, fluor-, as in fluoride.

flu·o·ro·car·bon (floomacr′ə·rō·kärbən) noun Chem.
Any of a group of very stable compounds in which hydrogen has been replaced by fluorine: used as solvents, lubricants, and insulators.

flu·or·o·chem·i·cal (floomacr′ə·rō·kemə·kəl) noun
Any of various chemicals containing fluorine, as the fluorocarbons.

flu·or·om·e·try (floomacr′ə·romə·trē) noun
The measurement of the color and intensity of fluorescence.

fluor·o·scope (floobreverə·skōp, floomacrər·ə-) noun
A device for observing, by means of some fluorescent substance, the shadows of objects enclosed in media opaque to ordinary light, but transparent to X-rays.
o·scop′ic (-skopik) adjective

fluor·os·co·py (floobrever·oskə·pē, floomacr′ə·ros-) noun
Examination conducted by means of a fluoroscope.

flu·or·o·sis (floomacr′ə·rōsis, floobreve·rō-) noun Pathol.
Chronic poisoning with fluorine.

flu·or·spar (floomacrôr·spär′, floomacrər-) noun

Most often used phrases:

fluorine atoms
fluorine gas
fluorine atom
fluorine compounds
elemental fluorine
fluorine chemistry
fluorine chlorine
fluorine content
fluorine f
nd fluorine
mckusick fluorine
element fluorine
oxygen fluorine
fluorine chem
gaseous fluorine

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