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Definition of: gage

(gāj) v.t. gaged, gag·ing
1. To determine the dimensions, amount, force, etc., of by means of a gage.
2. To determine the contents or capacity of, as a cask.
3. To estimate; appraise or judge.
4. To cut or rub (stones or bricks) to uniform size.
5. To mix (plaster) in the right proportions so as to dry in a desired time.

1. An instrument for measuring, indicating, or regulating the capacity, quantity, dimensions, power, amount, proportions, etc., of anything.
2. A standard of comparison: the gage of the boiler; and, figuratively: the gage of his genius.
3. A standard measurement, dimension, quantity, or amount.
4. The distance between rails or between wheel treads, as in a railway. See the adjectives BROAD-GAGE, NARROW-GAGE, and STANDARD-GAGE.
5. The exposed length of a tile, slate, or shingle.
6. The amount of gypsum added to lime plaster to hasten its setting.
7. The composition of plaster of Paris and other substances used in making moldings, decorations, etc.
8. The diameter of the bore of a gun.
9. Printing A strip of metal or other material by which the exact space occupied by type of a certain kind, or the length of a page, or the width of a margin, is determined.
10. Naut. a The position of a vessel with regard to the wind and to another vessel. When to windward of another vessel, a ship is said to have the weather gage; when to leeward, the lee gage, b The draft of a vessel.
11. A measurement standard indicating relative fineness of hose, as determined by the number of needles used per inch. Also spelled gauge. [<OF gauger measure]

Definition of: gage

(gāj) v.t. gaged, gag·ing Archaic
1. To bind or pledge as a guaranty or forfeit.
2. To wager; stake.
noun Something given or thrown down as security for some act, as a gauntlet in token of readiness for combat; a pledge. See synonyms under SECURITY.
[<OF gager <gage a pledge <Gmc. Doublet of WAGE.]

Definition of: gage

(gāj) noun
One of several varieties of plum, as the greengage. [after Sir William Gage, 1777–1864, who introduced it into England]

Definition of: Gage

(gāj), Thomas,
1721–87, British general and administrator; commanded the British army at Bunker Hill in the Revolutionary War.

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"gage" has the frequency of use of 0.0003% on en.wikipedia.org.

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